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Vista Turkish Towel Set

Vista Turkish Towel Set

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Hand loomed in micro herringbone pattern using the same weaving techniques perfected by generations of craftsmen in Denizli. Vista Turkish Towel is woven from 100% premium Turkish cotton. The high quality cotton along with the weaving techniques used allow this Turkish Towel to pack a big punch in a very lightweight package. It is extremely absorbent, quick drying and ultra lightweight. This set includes a full size bath sheet and a hand towel. 


Materials:  100% Premium Turkish Cotton

Size: 40"x70" and 18"x36"

Weight: 290g/10.22oz  and 100g/3.5oz


  • Machine wash cold or up to 30℃ in gentle cycle. Avoid fabric softeners, dryer sheets and bleach.
  • Air Dry or Tumble Dry low heat in gentle cycle. We recommend Air Dry as Turkish towels air dry quickly, so you may hang them to dry.
  • Fringes of Turkish Towels are handcrafted. They are very nice and durable but, sometimes may come untied. There is a simple process to fix untied fringes on a Turkish Towel. Learn how here⇒ How to Easily Fix Untied Fringes on Turkish Towels

Handcrafted by Olive and Linen