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Turkish Bath Towels - Olive and Linen

Turkish Bath Towels also known, as peshtemals are flat woven towels with hand tied fringes that are made of premium Turkish cotton. Turkish bath towels are also made from blend of cotton, linen and silk.

Peshtemal Towels date back to centuries ago and they were used in hammams (Turkish Baths) commonly. Traditionally Turkish bath towels are hand woven in Denizli Turkey.

Turkish bath towels are thin, lightweight and super absorbent. They are soft and become even softer after consecutive washings. They are big enough to perfectly wrap you around. Furthermore, Turkish Peshtemal towels take up substantially less space then terry towels in your closet. Another good thing about Turkish bath towels is that they really dry fast.

Turkish bath towels are perfect towels for everyday use in your bathroom and also perfect travel companions, as they would take very little space in your language.

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