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Turkish Beach Towels, Throw Blankets - Olive and Linen

Turkish Beach Towels are flat woven towels from premium Turkish Cotton that is superior to any other cotton due to its longer fiber. Turkish Beach Towels are also available in large sizes and even in large round shapes.

Turkish Beach Blankets, which come in round shapes, are ideal for spreading out to the sand on the beach or to the poolside. As they are flat woven the sand just shakes of them.

Turkish Beach Towels are ultra absorbent, quick drying, lightweight and roll up to a compact size thus becomes easy to carry in a beach bag. These key features make Turkish Beach Towels and Turkish Beach Blankets ideal for the beach, poolside and vacation.

Turkish Beach Towels are so versatile as they are big enough to wrap you around they can be used, as a Throw which we call Peshtemal Throw. They can also serve you as a Sarong. Furthermore the largest ones can even serve you as a Turkish Blanket that is soft and 100% cotton.
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