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Turkish Towels - Bath, Beach & Hand - Olive and Linen

Turkish Towels also called Peshtemal are flat woven authentic towels. They are made from premium Turkish Cotton that has extra long fibers. This unique property results in stronger and smoother cotton threads. This secret behind Turkish Towels contributes to their superiority.

Turkish Towels are lightweight, highly absorbent and quick drying. They become even softer after successive washings. They are perfect towels for beach, bath and kitchen. They roll up into compact size that makes them perfect for the beach. Unlike traditional terry towels the sand shakes right off them.

Turkish Towels are available in both hand and bath size. Hand size Turkish Towels can be used as kitchen towels and guest towels. Bath size is perfect for use in bath, at beach and it can also be used as a throw on your couch. There are also silk and linen blends of Turkish Towels which can be worn as a scarf or wrap. Turkish Towels are even available in large round sizes, which you may spread out on the beach and poolside.

Turkish Towels are so versatile the possibilities are endless!

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