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Waffle Turkish Towel

Waffle Turkish Towel

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Hand loomed in micro waffle pattern using the same weaving techniques perfected by generations of craftsmen in Denizli. Waffle Turkish Towel is woven from 100% premium Turkish cotton and Stone Washed. The high quality cotton along with the weaving techniques used allow this Turkish Towel to pack a big punch in a very lightweight package. It is extremely absorbent, quick drying and ultra lightweight. Use it at home, take it to the beach, spread it out and have an impromptu picnic and wrap yourself in it when it's breezy. The possibilities are endless. Mix and match with our coordinating Waffle Turkish Hand / Kitchen Towel.


Materials:  100% Premium Turkish Cotton

Size: 32"x70"

Weight: 384g/13.5oz 


  • Machine wash cold or up to 30℃ in gentle cycle. Avoid fabric softeners, dryer sheets and bleach.
  • Air Dry or Tumble Dry low heat in gentle cycle. We recommend Air Dry as Turkish towels air dry quickly, so you may hang them to dry.
  • Fringes of Turkish Towels are handcrafted. They are very nice and durable but, sometimes may come untied. There is a simple process to fix untied fringes on a Turkish Towel. Learn how here⇒ How to Easily Fix Untied Fringes on Turkish Towels
Handcrafted by Olive and Linen